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If a person experiences weight fluctuations or begins to progress in age, they can lose shape and fullness in specific body parts where volume once resided. One way to restore lost volume and shape is through an aesthetic procedure known as a fat transfer. This treatment extracts fat from an area of the body and transfers it to the targeted area (including the cheeks, breasts, or buttocks). Fat transfer techniques can be utilized for larger areas (such as the buttocks) or smaller regions (like the lower eyelid, cheeks, or lips). Fat grafting treatments are commonly chosen when an individual is seeking a natural solution that doesn't require the use of an implant or filler. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Tamburrino uses the most effective liposuction and grafting methods to carry out fat transfer procedures at his Doylestown, PA office. Fat grafting to the breast and face creates gorgeous, soft outcomes for patients who visit Tamburrino Plastic Surgery & Med Spa.


Individuals who desire more volume to areas throughout the body or face that appear hollow, thin, or deflated could be great candidates for a fat grafting procedure. This natural alternative for enhancement has become more and more sought after because it incorporates a patient's own fat to slim one area of the body and is then reinstated into the cheeks, breasts, or buttocks. With this method, there is less risk for rejection or infection since the patient's own autologous cells are used. Women and men considering this procedure at Tamburrino Plastic Surgery & Med Spa must have enough available fat to extract for the transfer.

What are the benefits of a fat transfer?

Some areas of the body accumulate unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Other places tend to lose volume due to factors like weight loss and age. Fat transfer procedures with Dr. Tamburrino can address both issues at once by removing fat from the stomach, thighs, or upper arms and transferring it to other regions. Surgery is a good choice for patients who desire natural-looking results that aren't too drastic. Patients can also restore balance to the face and contours of the body.


For this procedure, you will be placed under some kind of anesthesia. The specific type of sedation or numbing medication will depend on how much fat tissue is being removed, as well as the area it will be placed. Liposuction is done with a cannula devise that precisely loosens and removes deposits of fat. After this, the tissue will be separated and purified through a centrifuge, and the resulting substance will be placed in syringes. After readying the injection site, the fat will be added to the area that requires volume. The injection process is performed in layers until even smoothness and the desired volume has been achieved. For certain body parts, multiple syringes will be necessary.

What to Expect

After the transfer process has been completed, you will enter a healing period. Remember, there are two different areas on the body affected by this treatment: the extraction area and injection location. The recovery process may last longer if a larger area on the body was addressed. For example, a fat transfer for lip enlargement will generally only need a 1 – 2-day healing period whereas a transfer to a more vast body part, such as the butt or breasts, can take much longer. Each area will appear swollen and red, but the results can be noticed pretty quickly. Another perk is the area that involved fat removal will look slimmer. This procedure yields beautiful and lasting outcomes, but there will be some fat that reabsorbs back to the body. For some, a future transfer may be necessary later on. There is almost no scarring associated with this treatment.


Where can I have fat transferred?
Fat can be transferred to most areas of your face or body, wherever you want to add shape or rejuvenate your skin. Some of the most popular areas are the buttocks (typically known as a Brazilian butt lift), hands, face, and breasts. Fat grafting may be combined with breast reconstruction or augmentation with implants to minimize irregularities. Age-related volume loss for the hands and face may also be corrected with fat grafting, particularly in the hollows under the eyes or to add shape to your lips. During your consultation, discuss your areas of concern with Dr. Tamburrino so he can develop your customized fat transfer plan.

How long will the results of a fat transfer last?
Fat transfers create natural-looking results that can be long-lasting with proper care. Dr. Tamburrino employs advanced methods to graft fat and limits reabsorption. However, no matter what, there will usually be a certain amount of fat that does not stick to its new location. To account for this, Dr. Tamburrino typically transfers a little more fat than is needed. If you want to touch-up or enhance your results after a while, a second fat transfer may be considered.

Are there any alternative treatments to a fat transfer?
Depending on the area that needs volume, there may be other options aside from fat grafting. In your breasts or butt, an implant can be considered instead of a fat transfer. In your hand and face, Tamburrino Plastic Surgery & Med Spa offers many injectable dermal fillers for long-term volume and rejuvenation. Dr. Tamburrino will explain all of the various options during your consultation so you can achieve the results that address your concerns and meet your goals.

What if I don't have enough fat for a transfer?
During your initial consultation with Dr. Tamburrino, he will explain how much fat is needed to meet your goals. You might not have enough fat for the transfer, but this is usually only a problem if you have a very low body fat percentage or if you want a large volume of fat added to one area. Fat may be removed from several areas or combined with donor fat. Dr. Tamburrino will explain all of your options during your one-on-one.

How does a fat transfer compare to fillers and implants?
Fat transfers offer a more natural look and feel than other cosmetic treatments, as they use your own fat, allowing for seamless integration with body tissues. This approach ages naturally with the body, unlike fillers, which require regular upkeep as they are absorbed over time. Implants, while offering permanent volume enhancement, may not always mimic the natural movement or feel of real tissue as closely as fat transfers. Fat transfers excel in delivering subtler, more integrated enhancements that evolve with the body's changes.

Can a fat transfer be reversed?
If too much fat has been transferred, it is possible to remove the excess through liposuction. However, if insufficient fat has been transferred, additional grafting may be necessary. It's important to note that not all of the transferred fat survives the procedure, so results can change over the first few months. Patients considering a fat transfer should discuss their goals and concerns with Dr. Tamburrino to ensure the best approach is taken for their unique situation.

Take the Natural Approach

If you desire more voluptuous lips or want to soften hollow areas or lines, this procedure may be a great option for you. A fat transfer works great for the breasts and buttocks, as well as the delicate features of the face, including the cheeks, underneath the eyes, and the lips. There are many techniques available to help you add volume and fullness to areas where you desire a more youthful contour or voluptuous shape. Fat grafting to the face or body can help you achieve the look you desire without having to rely on foreign implants or the short-term results of nonsurgical dermal fillers. We welcome you to get in touch with our staff and schedule your private consultation at Tamburrino Plastic Surgery & Med Spa.

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