Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift is technically called a “gluteoplasty.” It’s not the prettiest of names, so we’ll stick to “butt lift,” which is truly how your bum will look after your procedure. There’s a lot that goes into a Brazilian butt lift — before, during, and after — so it’s important to get the facts straight before going through with it.

This step-by-step guide will take you through the entire Brazilian butt lift (BBL) process so you can enjoy optimal results.

Before your Brazilian butt lift

You need to make a lot of decisions before embarking on a BBL journey. To make important decisions such as choosing a surgeon and knowing how much time to take off work, keep these facts in mind.

Your surgeon should be experienced and board-certified.

When choosing a cosmetic surgeon for your BBL, look for qualifications like extensive medical training and affiliations with accredited organizations. Dr. Joseph Tamburrino is double board-certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

You should feel comfortable asking questions.

Additionally, you should feel 100% comfortable speaking about any concerns or goals. At Tamburrino Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we are happy to answer any questions you might have in a confidential and professional manner.

You should get a butt lift for the right reasons.

A Brazilian butt lift can improve your body, but it can’t fix your psyche. If you have underlying body image issues, a BBL won’t fix that. Check in with yourself and make sure you’re getting a butt lift for the right reasons, like enhancing your already beautiful shape for you and no one else.

You should know that results don’t happen overnight.

After undergoing such an intensive procedure, you might be dismayed at your body’s progress in the first few weeks following your BBL. Don’t be — your results will develop over time as your body heals.

You need to take ample time off of work.

BBLs are considered major surgeries, which means you are going to need a great deal of recovery time. You won’t be able to sit for a few weeks, so either take enough time off, or have your office prepare a standing desk for you.

You must have a recovery plan in place.

This step is essential. Without preparation, you put yourself at risk for a problematic recovery. Stock your house with healthy foods and water, enlist someone to check on you often or even stay with you, purchase any recovery items (such as a boppy pillow), and make sure you have someone to drive you home from the hospital after your surgery.

During your Brazilian butt lift

The butt lift procedure is considered a major surgery, but don’t worry: You’ll be peacefully asleep under anesthesia. For your Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Tamburrino will take the following steps:

  1. Administer anesthesia
  2. Use liposuction to remove fat from other areas
  3. Transfer fat to your buttocks

Undergoing a Brazilian butt lift is no small procedure. And the success of the procedure depends on you following a few key steps after surgery.

That’s why Dr. Tamburrino will provide you with thorough postoperative guidelines to ensure you don’t run into any complications.

After your Brazilian butt lift

You will wake up in a compression garment, and Dr. Tamburrino will consult with you before you leave. Make sure your designated driver is at the hospital to pick you up and take you home.

In general, you can expect a few common and normal postoperative side effects, including:

  • Pain in your buttocks and the liposuction harvest sites
  • Bruising, swelling, and numbness
  • Drainage and small amounts of bleeding
  • Stiffness and soreness throughout your body

Post-op instructions vary slightly from person to person, but for the most part, you can expect to be instructed as follows:


  • Sleep or sit on your buttocks for several weeks
  • Squat or stretch for several weeks
  • Engage in vigorous physical activity
  • Smoke
  • Have sexual intercourse for two weeks
  • Drive for three weeks
  • Swim or use hot tubs for four weeks
  • Expose the scars to sunlight for several months


  • Wear your compression garment
  • Walk regularly to reduce chances of blood clots
  • Sleep on your side or stomach
  • Take all of your medications as prescribed
  • Stay hydrated and eat healthy foods

To learn more about the Brazilian butt lift procedure at Tamburrino Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, call our office today or request a consultation appointment online at one of our convenient location in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

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