Will Smartlipo™ Give You Slimmer Thighs?

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For many men and women, stubborn fat is one of the most frustrating side effects of aging, though it can plague younger people as well. Oftentimes, fat in certain areas becomes resistant to diet and exercise over time, leaving these individuals unable to achieve their ideal shape despite consistent effort. The thighs are particularly susceptible for harboring stubborn fat cells, especially in women. While traditional liposuction is certainly an effective solution for removing fat, many patients prefer an alternative fat reduction treatment with less downtime. For these patients, Smartlipo may be a fantastic option.

Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Tamburrino and the expert team at Tamburrino Plastic Surgery & Med Spa are proud to offer the cutting-edge Smartlipo fat removal procedure to help patients seeking an alternative to traditional thigh liposuction in Doylestown, PA. Learn more about how Smartlipo for thigh sculpting works here.

What is Smartlipo?

Smartlipo is a revolutionary minimally invasive fat reduction procedure that utilizes laser lipolysis to remove fat cells from the body and tighten skin with fewer side effects and a shorter recovery period compared to traditional liposuction.

Can I get Smartlipo on my thighs?

Yes! In fact, the thighs are one of the most common treatment areas for Smartlipo. This is due in part to the fact that many patients – particularly women – tend to develop stubborn pockets of fat on the thighs as a result of aging, pregnancy, hormone changes, and other factors. Despite consistent diet and exercise, it can be virtually impossible to trim stubborn thigh fat. In these cases, Smartlipo offers patients the opportunity to get slimmer, smoother, sexier legs with a short recovery period and long-lasting results. In addition to the thighs, Smartlipo is an effective fat solution for other areas of the body, including the:

  • Neck

  • Chin

  • Upper arms

  • Abdomen

  • Hips

  • Flanks

  • Buttocks

How does Smartlipo work for the thighs?

Depending on the nature and extent of your procedure, Smartlipo may be performed using general anesthesia or a gentler form of sedation plus anesthesia. In either case, Dr. Tamburrino performs Smartlipo in a fully accredited, state-of-the-art facility. Smartlipo may take about 1 – 2 hours to perform and begins with a tiny incision near the treatment area, through which a handheld tube is inserted. Powerful laser energy is emitted via the cannula, heating and liquefying the targeted fat cells. Not only does this specialized approach allow the fat cells to be removed more easily and efficiently, but it also leaves the neighboring tissues undisturbed, resulting in fewer side effects and a shorter recovery period than traditional liposuction. As an additional benefit, the laser energy actually triggers the body’s production of collagen, contracts existing collagen fibers, and results in tighter skin and an even more dramatic result.

How long is recovery after Smartlipo thigh liposuction?

Almost immediately after laser liposuction on the thighs with Smartlipo, patients should expect some degree of bruising and swelling. The majority of Smartlipo side effects resolve in the first 1 – 2 weeks, and patients should begin to notice their new thigh contour taking shape. The full results of Smartlipo may take several weeks or months to develop, however, as the residual swelling subsides. During Smartlipo recovery, it is important to follow your surgeon’s postoperative guidelines closely, which may include:

  • Taking prescribed medications

  • Wearing compressive garments

  • Practicing appropriate wound care

  • Avoiding strenuous physical activity and exercise

  • Eating a healthy diet

  • Staying hydrated

  • Taking short, brief walks to promote healthy circulation

How long does thigh Smartlipo last?

Smartlipo laser liposuction removes fat cells for the long-term. However, this does not necessarily mean that the cosmetic results of Smartlipo are permanent. One of the most deciding factors when it comes to the longevity of Smartlipo results is weight fluctuation. Gaining weight after Smartlipo can cause the fat cells remaining in the thighs to become enlarged, and new fat cells can also be generated. For this reason, maintaining a consistent, healthy weight is essential for preserving your Smartlipo results as long as possible.

Trim unwanted thigh fat and get firmer skin with Smartlipo in Doylestown, PA

Have you been searching for a way to reduce stubborn thigh fat without the extended downtime and side effects of traditional liposuction surgery? If so, minimally invasive Smartlipo fat removal may be a life-changing solution for you. To learn more about the transformative benefits of Smartlipo for thigh slimming, call the knowledgeable team at Tamburrino Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Doylestown, PA to schedule your consultation with renowned board-certified plastic surgeon and body contouring expert Dr. Joseph Tamburrino today!

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