Weighing the Pros and Cons of Breast Implants

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Research has shown that women experience a boost of self-esteem following breast augmentation. It is a cosmetic surgery that can be life-changing by adding fullness and shape to a woman's natural breasts, which is one of the main reasons why it is an incredibly popular procedure. While breast augmentation seems pretty straightforward, there are many aspects to consider, ensuring patients get the most out of their surgery. Double board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Tamburrino takes the time to discuss the different types of implants, address patients' concerns, and explain the pros and cons of breast enhancement surgery during a one-on-one consultation at Tamburrino Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Doylestown, PA.

This helps patients be prepared and set realistic expectations. Read on to learn more about breast enhancement surgery and how long breast implants last.

Breast enhancement surgery – is it right for me?

Breast augmentation is not only for women with smaller breasts. It can also help women who have seen their breasts change with weight loss, pregnancy, or the natural process of aging. Since getting breast implants is a surgical procedure, it is not something patients should take lightly. It is also a cosmetic procedure that has several facets to consider, including selecting the appropriate implant type, size, and material for optimal results. Breast implants are a serious commitment, and patients in Doylestown, PA should make sure it is the right choice for them. By reviewing a list of pros and cons during an appointment with Dr. Tamburrino, patients can determine if this is the next step for them and feel comfortable about their decision.

Pros and cons of getting breast implants

While some women are naturally small chested, others watch pregnancy or age change the appearance of their natural breasts. Even after achieving a weight loss goal and becoming healthier, some women can find it frustrating that their breasts lose volume and may look deflated. One of the main pros of breast implants is how they can improve a woman's profile, and even help certain clothing or bathing suits fit better. Breast enhancement surgery can make a woman's breasts look more proportionate and help them feel more attractive. By working closely with Dr. Tamburrino, women in the Doylestown, PA area can pick the type of implant that complements their body type, and best meets their unique goals.

Implants come in different shapes, sizes, and textures. While silicone implants typically produce more natural-looking results, saline implants provide a less invasive surgical option. Gummy bear implants offer a more form-stable option, and women today can even choose fat grafting for augmentation. With advancements in surgical techniques and breast implants, it has never been a better time to consider breast enhancement surgery.

The primary con about breast augmentation is the obvious factor. It is a surgical procedure. It comes with risks and aspects that patients should consider before surgery. Dr. Tamburrino will thoroughly review potential risks during your consultation. Ideal candidates for breast enhancement surgery are healthy, nonsmokers with no pre-existing medical conditions. The risk of surgery is greatly reduced if patients are in good health.

Another concern for many patients is the potential cost. Since breast augmentation is considered elective surgery, it is often not covered by health insurance. The exact cost will depend on the type of implants, surgical procedure, medications, and various other factors. Tamburrino Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, like most practices, offers Doylestown, PA patients financing options. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will review if your insurance will help with the expenses, and review other financing options with you before you make any decisions.

How do I know when my implants need replacing?

Another con about breast augmentation is that breast implants usually need to be replaced at some point. However, many women find they can enjoy their breast enhancement results for a decade, if not longer. If a patient wants a different type, size, or decides she no longer wants implants, changing or removing breast implants will require another surgery. If patients should choose not to get new implants, they can consider a breast lift procedure, at some point, to improve the shape and reduce any breast sag.

After reviewing the pros and cons of getting breast enhancement surgery, many patients find it is an excellent option to help them have the body they always wanted. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Tamburrino and his professional staff provide the highest level of care and concern for every patient from start to finish. They take great pride in helping every woman feel better about how she looks and enjoy the wonderful benefits breast enhancement surgery can provide.

If you are interested in breast augmentation or have additional questions, we invite you to contact Tamburrino Plastic Surgery & Med Spa today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Tamburrino in Doylestown, PA. We look forward to hearing from you.

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